How to Contact Me at Studio G

Ready to get the ball rolling? You can contact Studio G at or complete the form below. Check out Studio G’s latest projects here for inspiration! You can also check out my work and give me a follow on Pinterest, Behance, Instagram and Facebook.


What’s My Offering?

The two packages I am currently offering are my Social Media Content Package and my Start-up Product Photography Package. You can see examples of these outcomes from the following from my project archive:


Here’s a Few Things It Would Be Great to Know

(Don’t worry about how much you can answer at this stage. Give me what you can, I’ll help you determine the rest.)

  • Brand name (If you’re pre-launch and secretive, I’m happy to sign NDAs)
  • Product type & variations (What is it, how many versions/flavours/colours of it, etc)
  • Website/Social media links (I’m just nosey)
  • Budget (If you have requirements outside of the £1,199 base quote)
  • Timeline (When do you need the content by, when will the product be ready, when would you ideally like the photoshoot to take place?)
  • Asset types (Stills, stop motion, etc?)
  • References (Share any references of inspiration)
  • How did you find me? (Word of mouth, social media, divine intervention?)
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