Studio G’s Product Photography Blog

My Social Media Content Package

In a constant cycle of needing creative, colourful and on-brand social media content for your brand?…

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The Product Photography Market Is Changing!

And the times, they are a-changin’ too. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that…

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My Go-to Product Photography Equipment

My Go-To Product Photography Equipment The product photography equipment I use for my business is a collection…

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My Start-up Product Photography Package

Studio G, Start-up Product Photography Package. To help take the guesswork out of product photography…

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Working with Start-ups

I’m writing this piece mostly to vent (in a constructive way) about working with new brands, often…

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My stop-motion niche

It’s been really fun to carve out a specialism in my work, and that has turned out to be short-form,…

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Protecting Your Creative Energy

My private studio, just one tube stop away from London Bridge is a combination photography studio, hosting space and editing suite.

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I created Studio G as an individual, using only a wealth of experience from working in-house, agency-side and as a freelancer. I now provide a comprehensive end-to-end product photography photoshoot experience for clients global and local. Even with my experience, approaching new challenges with an optimistic problem-solving attitude remains the greatest teacher, alongside taking time to reflect on the projects and clients I’ve worked with.

Does the World Need a Product Photography Blog?

Probably not. But I have SEO targets to hit, so here I prattle on about some of these lessons, once they’ve sunk in deep enough for me to be able to reflect on them without too much bias. I also blog about things like my Go-To Product Photography Equipment too, because that’s all photographers ever want to do. My all-time favourite bit of kit is a printed vinyl backdrop from Club Backdrops. Use that link to get your first backdrop free!