Studio G’s Product Photography Services

Studio G provides product photography services, specialising in product-focused stills and stop-motion assets. While my capabilities are wide ranging and I’m always looking for something new, I find it useful to define some of my basic services to give a starting point for conversations around new projects.

I have two basic product photography packages available at the present, and these are my Start-up Package, and my Social Media Content Retainer Package.

You can also check out my work on Pinterest, Behance and Instagram.


Here’s How a Product Photography Project With Studio G Works:


The Beginning – We discuss your brand and its needs, establish my suitability as your product photographer, and outline the brief and budget. Maybe a little banter too, if the vibe is right.

The Commitment – Following this initial meeting, I’ll follow up with a recap of the information shared so far, the findings of any research needed such as mood boards and prop options, and a quote. From here, a deposit of 25% will be required to lock in the photoshoot date, and allow me to begin work on the photoshoot plan.

The Plan – I’ll share a digital photoshoot plan (or ‘shot list’) with you via Google Slides, showcasing each shot planned with descriptions and references. You can feed back at this stage, and I’ll update the plan accordingly until we’re ready to proceed.

The Photoshoot – The photoshoot will take place in my Central London studio. For projects of a full day or longer, you are welcome to attend in-person to give live feedback, capture BTS content or just to watch the magic happen. Remote feedback and sign-off is also possible, but this can affect the quantity of shots possible due to time restrictions.

The Handover –  I provide a timeframe of two weeks starting from the last day of the photoshoot in which you will receive your edited assets. Priority editing can be arranged, if required. Feedback and amends can then take place, limited to three rounds (I rarely need more than one, if that makes you feel better).

Project Management.

I’ll guide you through the process of planning the content you want to see, providing a full photoshoot plan for each project that you can feed into as much as you like. Let’s create a photoshoot package that fits your brand’s style, needs and budget.

Clear Communication.

Keen to stay in the loop? Got a client, brand team or social media manager to keep happy? I’ve been there, and I’ll keep you updated with the progress of the project timeline so you can rest assured you know where we are at in the process.

Studio Space.

My private studio, just one tube stop away from London Bridge is a combination photography studio, hosting space and editing suite. You can attend photoshoots in person, relax and raid my tea/coffee/biscuit supplies whilst watching your content come alive before your eyes and give live feedback to help mould your content. It’s also a perfect environment to capture BTS content to supplement the deliverables! Everything is content, people.

Technical Skills.

My experience is perfectly suited to assist your brand with product photography: a commercial graphic designer and creative conceptualist turned product photographer with an obsession for details and putting your product in its best light (literally and figuratively). I have all the creative problem solving skills needed to keep projects on track, as well as the technical skills necessary to create versatile, on-brand and high resolution content that looks as good on a billboard as it does on your instagram feed.

Asset Types

I create a multitude of asset types and styles depending on the brief and budget. For example:

  • Overhead – Shot from directly overhead, these assets give a super clean and flat appearance to your product. Great for pouches!


  • White Cut-outs – Not very exciting, but 100% essential for Product Display Pages (PDPs)  like Amazon’s.


  • Stop-motion – These more time-intensive assets captivate every time. A short, looping animation that can be provided as either a .gif or .mp4 file and perfectly bridges the gap between video and stills.


Hartleys 10 cal raspberry with a leaf's shadow moving over


  • Macro Photography – It’s all about the details! Why bother with foiling, embossing, textured labels, etc, if you aren’t going to show it off!


  • Patterned Flat Lays – These assets are efficient to create, impactful and incredibly versatile.


  • Hero Angle – A classic! The ‘hero angle’, which tends to be something close to a 40 degree angle looking upwards to the product, gives a sense of scale and grandeur. 


  • Larger Sets – Environments specific to your brief can be created to give your products unique settings.


  • Focus Stacking – A technique usually used on products such as  jewellery, watches, etc, this method allows multiple images with different focus points to be combined, resulting in a high clarity image of a usually quite small product.


  • And More – This list isn’t exhaustive, and I’m always keen to try something new. Throw a curve ball at me if you want; you’ll have to go looking for it when I knock it out of the park!

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