Cono Sur Wine Lifestyle Content

cono sur wine on garden chair
Cono Sur wine on garden chair
Cono Sur wine on garden chair
cono sur wine on on picnic blanket
cono sur wine on table glass of wine being picked up
cono sur wine being poured into glass
cono sur wine being poured into glass
cono sur wine being poured into glass
Cono Sur wines laid flat on garden table
Cono sur wine laid flat on garden table
Cono Sur on red backdrop
cono sur wine on orange backdrop
cono sur wine on purple backdrop
Cono Sur wine on metal table
Cono Sur wine on metal table
Cono Sur wine in bike basket
Cono Sur wine in bike basket
cono sur wine in bike basket

Commissioned Project, Cono Sur Wine Lifestyle Content.

Through my client Aduro Comms, I was approached to produce lifestyle content for the well-established Cono Sur wines. A long-standing vineyard with great credentials (including but not limited to flexing a B-Corp status), undergoing a packaging refresh. This content needed to tick all the boxes, because included in the agreement were global usage rights!

It’s an interesting new area for me to operate in. A more premium product type but at the lower end price-wise, we’re talking £6-ish a bottle. And a client hoping to attract both the twenty-somethings new to exploring wine palettes as well as the more experienced consumers who know their Cabernets from their Chiantis. Taking this into account, my overall direction was clear. The environments I needed to portray in the content needed to be aspirational but achievable. Ideally, to attract audiences to the lifestyle without making it appear beyond reasonable means.

You can look at content featuring sprawling vineyards over rolling hills all day long, but you can’t get to it. OK, some might be able to, but those people won’t be in the Morrisons wine aisle on a Tuesday. However, the average wine drinker CAN chill a bottle of white wine, order some quirky lawn furniture Amazon Prime and pick up some olives to snack on while you decompress at the end of a long day. Aspirational, but achievable.

Grape Expectations

Usually I operate alone, but I jump at the chance to bring in collaborators. In this case, I knew I needed someone to take the lead on product styling. And luck would have it that a prop stylist had slid into my DMs not a week before this brief hit my desk. I decided to take a shot with a new collaborator: Georgina Isaac. And a great choice it turned out to be! Georgina and I have collaborated on multiple projects since, and she’s now my go-to.

This collaboration allowed me to take a hand off researching and sourcing props for the photoshoot. This is usually a considerable drain on my time. Outsourcing this task drastically improved the quality of the props too, because more time was spent researching. As it turns out, a full time prop stylist has more tricks up their sleeve than resorting to ordering everything from Amazon Prime the day before. Who knew?

More complex, higher budget projects like this serve as a really important reminder of the processes I’ve developed. Particularly in terms of working with collaborators in order to more effectively utilise my creative energy. I’ve written more about my views on creative energy levels and how they affect outputs here.


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