Corona Tropical Summer Content

corona tropical raspberry and lemon on pink backdrop
corona tropical grapefruit and lemongrass on orange backdrop
corona tropical guava and lime on a green backdrop
Corona guava and lime can and glass floating in midair
corona tropical grapefruit and lemongrass splashing into ice water
corona tropical raspberry and lemon cans on the beach in a cooler
corona tropical guava and lime on the beach
corona tropical cans in cooler on the beach
corona tropical guava and lime on a green and red backdrop
corona tropical raspberry and lemon being opened over a pink backdrop
corona tropical 3 cans being held over their corresponding colours

Self-initiated Project, Corona Tropical Summer Content.

Spying a quiet few weeks over the summer of ’23, I turned my attention to self-initiated projects, like my Tabasco project. After trying and failing at the start of the year to make time for them. Now, nothing beats a commissioned project for a product/brand I can get all nerdy about. But, there certainly are benefits to photoshoots without deadlines or client input. Discovering boxes of Corona Tropical in Aldi, I quickly envisioned a summer content photoshoot for this sub-brand of the iconic Corona Extra.

I put together a mood board exploring some summer set-ups. The aim was: Complex enough to challenge me as a photographer, but not require a huge budget. Cue my go-to Prop Stylist extraordinaire Georgina Isaac, with whom I collaborated on this project. Partly to create a seasonal body of work for marketing, and partly to have fun with a brief we wished we’d receive. Personally I’ve been hunting for a canned drinks client for a while now, and still they elude me! So think of this as ‘manifesting’ if you’re Gen Z, or ‘hustling’ if you’re a millennial.

Edit from the future: It worked.

Tropical Contentment.

I did some research on Corona Tropical and found a newly minted UK-based instagram account, with seemingly little content. Realistically, hoping a company like AB InBev would purchase content from a photoshoot they never briefed isn’t a practical goal. But, it did help spark a little excitement. SPOILER ALERT – Corona are NOT interested in using this content. However, I did connect with a few members of the Brand team at AB InBev. Alexander Haldane gave positive feedback; “The content is brilliant, I love how it captures lightness, refreshment and real fruit.” I’ll happily take that as a win.

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