Noun Dog Chews Product Photography

dog looking up at noun for pets dog biscuit
dog with its face in a pouch of noun for pets food
dog licking noun for pets pouch
noun for pets pouch hero angle
Noun for pets pouch laid flat with various vegetables in backdrop
dog catching a ball in midair
dog looking past the camera
dog jumping
noun for pets pouch ripped open with food overflowing from the pouch
noun for pets biscuits falling

Commissioned Project, Noun Dog Chews Photography.

I’m very happy when I am approached with a new product category, and even more so when those projects involve dogs! My model’s name is Polly, and I can assure you she is a very good girl. A pre-launch Noun approached me to create content to populate their new website and socials. My task was to show the finer product details (healthy dog treats that promote longevity) and give environmental context.

A photoshoot in two halves, I first shot with Polly and an assistant to nail the more complicated compositions. Then, after giving Polly the rest of the day off for being adorable, I moved on to the product-only shots. With similar packaging to my client Space Goods, I made notes to avoid directly reusing any previously claimed pouch compositions.

Avoiding Fuzzy Situations

I always enjoy problem solving, no matter how removed those problems may seem from photography. And for this photoshoot, those hurdles to clear included:

  • Finding a suitable dog model for hire (who, aside from being the client’s desired breed, needed to be energetic, obedient and hungry for treats).
  • Sourcing assistance from someone who had experience handling dogs so that I could ensure not only Polly’s comfort and safety, but also protect my studio and its contents whilst achieving the shots we needed.
  • An abundance of other dog treats and toys to keep Polly engaged (I went overboard I admit, but as a dog lover without a dog of my own I couldn’t resist treating her like a princess).
  • Arranging the photoshoot to take place on a weekend to ensure the building where my studio is located would be as much of a peaceful environment as possible.
  • Shoot with dimmer constant lights to not make Polly uncomfortable by either bright flashes OR hot constant lights.
  • Making sure my assistant had suitable brushes and knew how to spruce up Polly’s fur.

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