Nutriseed Juices Product Photography

Nutriseed fresh orange juice product photography
Nutriseed fresh purple juice product photography
Nutriseed fresh green juice product photography
Nutriseed fresh yellow juice product photography
Nutriseed fresh green juice product photography
Nutriseed fresh green juice product photography
nutriseed orange drink
Nutriseed fresh purple juice product photography
nutriseed products laid flat in a pattern across the frame
Nutriseed fresh juice range product photography

Commissioned Projects, Nutriseed Juices Product Photography.

I was approached by Nutriseed to help bring fresh life to their website by replacing existing content with something that just *POPS* a little more. There was a HUGE product list of juices, soups and smoothies, so whatever my approach was going to be, it needed to be an easily replicable process. Similar to my recent projects with Purolabs, but with a product that is much more challenging to style. First of the list was the Nutriseed Juices, in need of some hearty product photography.

This brief was closer to e-commerce than creative, relative to my usual projects. So, I needed to be careful not to over-concept for this project. There’s a time and a place to upsell, but this client briefed the exact content they needed. And as I needed multiple versions of each shot, the set up process needed to be efficient.

Freshly Squeezed for Creative Solutions.

The brand had an active fanbase already, they just needed product photography that accurately portrayed their vibrant, fresh juices. I had plenty of new challenges to overcome to be able to shoot these products. They needed to be:

  • Delivered to my studio frozen, and then defrosted and stored chilled.
  • Kept well-shaken when ready to shoot.
  • Prepared for shooting quickly before the colours dulled over time.
  • Kept free from dust and scuffs.
  • Sprayed to simulate condensation.
  • AND THEN styled with a selection of fruit and veg that could have kept a vegan satisfied for a week.

Working with my prop stylist go-to Georgina Isaac, we carefully styled the juice range consistently to minimise the edits needed to align the series. A spray simulated condensation, and styling took place with haste as the juice settled every second they were left undisturbed. The authentic appearance of the fresh produce gives a sense of grass-roots home cooking, and responsible sourcing.

As always, my top tier printed vinyl backdrops come from Club Backdrops. Use that link to get your first backdrop free!

Nutriseed has returned for multiple projects since this initial project, and here’s to many more!


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