SEX BRAND Product Photography

SEX BRAND lube bottle being squeezed empty
SEX BRAND condom wrapper being torn open
SEX BRAND orange toy
SEX BRAND condoms piled up across the frame
SEX BRAND condoms laid flat in a pattern that stops halfway through the frame
SEX BRAND boxes on bed
SEX BRAND products on night stand
SEX BRAND products on a nightstand
sex brand black toy on table
SEX BRAND lube placed on a table with a landline phone next to it

Commissioned Projects, SEX BRAND Product Photography.

I was initially approached with a SEX BRAND product photography project in the months leading up to their launch. The brief: To produce elevated e-commerce content for their condom, lube and sex toy products. Amazingly, I had a considerable amount of creative freedom to create something beyond the ordinary. In place of the standardised simplistic white cut-outs most brands opt for, I pitched something different. And subsequently created short, looping animations of each product to provide a sense of scale, function and tangibility.

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Following the first website-focused product photoshoot, I was commissioned for a second photoshoot focusing on bedroom/lounge set-ups and created content that provided further environmental context for these products. I used 70s style furniture with bold flat colours to seamlessly blend the products into realistic settings. In particular I’m fond of the shots featuring the blue acrylic table and orange wired telephone!

One Size Does Not Fit All

These larger set-ups were an early indication in the spring of ‘23 that I needed to increase the size of my studio space to continue venturing into these larger set pieces — I barely managed to manoeuvre around the studio with so many props! A lack of space means a bigger drain on energy, and ultimately affects the outcome. While it may seem obvious, this was a big realisation and I subsequently made improvements to my working process, and I go into much more detail about it here.

Further learnings were provided by these projects. Working with new brands, often pre-launch, can throw out some interesting challenges for external suppliers like myself, as I elaborate on here.


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