Spacegoods Moon & Star Chews Gummy Product Photography

Commissioned Projects, Spacegoods Gummy Product Photography.

I was very excited for this one: some Spacegoods gummy product photography! A new product type, for my longest standing product photography client: Spacegoods. And not to mention, one that has all the hallmarks of a soon-to-be sold out craze! Time to create some billboard-worthy gummy product photography. I’ve shot no end of e-commerce photography for this brand and I have other projects pages focusing on their hero products: Spacegoods Rainbow Dust and Astro Dust.


There’s no end of information you can read on the health benefits of various mushrooms, adaptogens, nootropics, etc. I won’t bother explaining it myself; Spacegoods do a great deep-dive on the science themselves here

Spacegoods are a market leader, with a head start over their competition. But this early lead hasn’t created complacency; Spacegoods continues to develop new products to keep their committed customers happy. Personally, I’m thrilled to have consistently supplied e-commerce and social content to this brand since pre-launch. And now, on to the next exciting project!

Enter: Spacesgoods Moon Chews & Star Chews. These are a god-send for those of us with ADHD and need our productivity solutions to be convenient and enjoyable. I’ve always been a fan of Spacegood’s Rainbow Dust which is chocolate flavoured, but these fruity gummies quickly took over in my preferences.


If you’re wondering, then YES, they taste like good, proper gummy sweets.


How Much Does Product Photography Cost?

15x high quality product photography assets costs £1,199. These projects fall under my Social Media Content Package, a budget-friendly monthly recurring photoshoot. This package is designed to be cost-effective, so the practical limitations on these projects are considerable. Nevertheless, they provide a challenge to keep using the space, equipment and products as creatively as possible.


As always, my top tier printed vinyl backdrops come from Club Backdrops. Use that link to get your first backdrop free! And where I’ve used a plinth to style products, these come in all shapes, sizes and colours from Plinthy. I use these both constantly and  thoroughly recommend!