Spacegoods Rainbow Dust Product Photography

'spacegoods' chocolate flavour in mushroom glass
Space Goods creative flat lay product photography social content
'spacegoods' cups in a horizontal line from the bottom left to the top right of the shot on a pink background
spacegoods purple and pink gradient pouch being grabbed at by 3 different people
Space Goods creative flat lay product photography social content
spacegoods purple and pink gradient pouch hero shot

Commissioned Projects, Spacegoods Rainbow Dust Product Photography.

Spacegoods is my longest standing client. Right back to the early days of my freelancing when I had no studio, no company name, no idea what I was doing, Spacegoods reached out to me (pre-launch) to create social content for a product I barely understood at the time. Since then, we’ve had monthly photoshoots with Studio G consistently providing the vast majority of social and e-commerce content for the brand. I’m honoured to be Spacegood’s go-to product photographer!

This page shows product photography I created for Spacegoods’ Rainbow Dust, showing highlights from projects spanning multiple years. I have other project pages for their Astro Dust product, as well as their new gummy product: Moon & Star Chews!


A newly popular product type for the supplement market with growing awareness: Mushrooms. Spacegoods quickly became the biggest player in their market. Could it be solely due to my Spacegoods product photography? Who could say for sure. But probably yes.


Space to Reflect on the Product Photography Goods

Spacegoods are a great example of an ideal start-up client in my view, something I describe in more detail here. Beginning our working relationship in the early days of both businesses, we have grown and adapted to suit each other’s working styles. Resulting positively in a genuine and mutually beneficial arrangement. Long may it continue!


How Much Does Product Photography Cost?

15x high quality product photography assets costs £1,199. These projects fall under my Social Media Content Package, a budget-friendly monthly recurring photoshoot. This package is designed to be cost-effective, so the practical limitations on these projects are considerable. Nevertheless, they provide a challenge to keep using the space, equipment and products as creatively as possible.

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