Wild Deodorant Product Photography

wild products hero shot in front of a solid blue background elevated
wild deodorant balancing on grapefruit
wild deodorant and refills next to assorted flowers
wild deodorant on a stack of oranges in the sink
wild deodorant and refills laid flat in a pattern with sweets filling the space
wild deodorant being held up next to aloe vera plant
wild deodorant splashing into cucumber water
wild deodorant on a pile of charcoal
wild deodorant and refill being pictured through flowers
wild deodorant balancing on the bottom of a high heel
wild deodorant being held up by person who is lounging
woman using wild deodorant looking happy
wild deodorant refill tubs balancing on top of a stack of oranges in a persons hand
woman using wild deodorant looking happy
wild deodorant refills dotted around on top of a pile of cucumber
wild products laid flat on a light blue/blue background
wild deodorant refill laid flat with fruit slices encircling it
wild products in front of a blue tiled background with pink flower petals dotted around the frame
human under a pile of oranges with wild deodorant in hand
wild deodorant floating in mid air with pools of water around
wild deodorant refills stacked up and held on a persons hand
wild deodorant bottle with flowers emerging from it
wild deodorant refills next to a drink
wild deodorant in front of a stack of charcoal

In-house Projects, Wild Deodorant Product Photography.

I joined the in-house team at Wild Cosmetics Refillable Natural Deodorant from its very early days, and most of my tenure I was the only creative hire. Because of this, I had to work tirelessly across all creative facets of the brand. I saw particular success with my product photography. And I’m proud to say that my creative direction and development of the Wild brand identity is still one of the most distinctive parts of the brand and helped immeasurably with creating interest around an arguably dull hero product: Refillable Natural Deodorant.

My Time on the Wild Product Photography Side.

I worked through countless Wild deodorant product photography projects based around the monthly new product launches. The content quickly became a standout feature of the brand! Hugely beneficial to my employer, and an excellent way for me to develop my skills in an environment that was high pressure, but also forgiving to mistakes. The constant barrage of gimmicky launches provided a fresh supply of creative challenges when it came to producing product photography. The extent to which this content was effective was immediately obvious within the small and close-knit team. This near-instantaneous feedback from huge data pools helped me form a very important understanding of content’s effectiveness.

I was responsible for not just the product photography, but also packaging design, creative direction, project management, etc. At the time of my departure, I was mentally exhausted, and felt creatively disenfranchised. I made two choices at this point: To focus on an area of creative work that brought me joy (product photography), and to work for myself. Thus, Studio G was born!

During my time at Wild I facilitated the development of two separate dedicated product photography studios for the brand, giving me invaluable experience for building the first of my own studios soon after embarking on my solo studio venture. Being able to boot-strap a studio build in the early days of a self-funded photography venture is incredibly valuable. It’s hard to not think I’ve taken full advantage of my experience to date.


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