XOXO Soda Product Photography

Commissioned Project, XOXO Soda Product Photography.

XOXO have been in and out of my inbox for over a year now! Finally, I’ve got my hands on these well-designed cans to get stuck into some soda product photography. Drawn in by my other canned drinks projects Crook & Marker and Corona Tropical, I’d laid the groundwork for this project.

XOXO make low sugar, low calorie, prebiotic soda. Granted, that’s quite buzzword-filled mouthful, but don’t let that deter you. These drinks deliver on the brand’s promise of a great tasting soda whilst giving your insides the love they deserve.

The brief looked like I’d written it myself: Bold, vibrant colours and larger than life compositions. This was a great excuse to go all in on over-the-top monochromatic edits, and I didn’t hold back! This was an extremely enjoyable moment of receiving a perfectly levelled briefing. Enough to set the course of the project, but enough wiggle room for me to exercise my creative muscles.


Cool, Colourful & Creative Product Photography.

Working with my product stylist go-to Georgina Isaac to help maintain consistency across the compositions, each shot was composed meticulously. I also tested a few new shot styles with my surprisingly versatile fish tank to great effect. I’m always looking for creative and cost-effective ways to develop my work, and this is exactly why. Experimental shots that stand out from the competition, without needing big studio budgets. Occasionally I’ll acquire specific kit for a project, but you can check out all My Go-To Product Photography Equipment here.

On this occasion, I did have a new piece of expensive kit to test out! After a few years of using an old Canon EF 28mm lens (eBay FTW) whenever I needed a focal length shorter than 50mm, it was time to upgrade. Instead I got to use my new Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8 L II USM Lens, which I got for an absolute steal via Wex’s pre-owned listings. I’m not usually one for variable focal lengths, but it was a nice change from the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM that I’m usually surgically attached to.


What backdrops are best for product photography?

My backdrops are always from my go-to Club Backdrops. Use that link to get your first backdrop free! They have a huge range of colours and designs across their printed vinyl photography backdrops, and all are hard-wearing and wipe-clean.